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                                                카니발 크루즈 매각

                                                The nadian Boreal Initiative (CBI) is no longer operational. But CBI's important work to conserve and sustainably manage North Ameri's boreal region is being rried forward by the International Boreal Conservation mpaign (IBCC), a coalition of Indigenous peoples, conservationists, scientists, business and civic leaders with a shared vision of protecting and sustaining the natural, cultural and economic values of the boreal region for the benefit of future generations.

                                                IBCC was initiated by The Pew Charitable Trusts and operates as a partnership of Pew, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Ducks Unlimited Incorporated, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Ducks Unlimited nada, the Indigenous Leadership Initiative, the nadian Parks and Wilderness Society, the Boreal Songbird Initiative, and the Boreal Leadership Council.

                                                In 60 seconds, you will be redirected to the Boreal Songbird Initiative, where you n learn more about conservation in North Ameri's boreal region, a globally important ecosystem stretching more than 1 billion acres from Alaska to Labrador and containing one of the world's largest remaining old-growth forest and wetland ecosystems.

                                                Thank you very much.

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